Specification: Model No: IPS2202221018

Sr. No.



A Specifications of Pulsed DC power supply
1 Input Parameters
1.1 Input Voltage 3-Phase, 415V ±10% AC, 50Hz
1.2 Input connections 5 wire (R,Y,B,N and Earth)
2 Output Parameters
2.1 Output voltage polarity

Pulsed DC negative output (pulsed between zero and negative peak).

Important: The positive terminal of the power supply should be grounded.

2.2 Peak output voltage -1000 V max. [must be with a step size of 1V]
2.3 Voltage ripple 0.5% or better (at maximum rated values)
2.4 Voltage regulation 0.1% or better (at maximum rated values)
2.5 Output current 25A / 40A / 60A / Higher
2.6 Max. Output Power 25 /40 / 60 kW
2.7 Pulse frequency 20 kHz fixed
2.8 Pulse duty cycle Continuous duty operation
2.9 Output Waveforms Image at the end of this Specification
3 Protections
3.1 Over current protection

Whenever over current [i.e. 150% of maximum rated value] or short circuit is detected then the power supply should respond as per following:

  • Overcurrent Sensing Time - Within 5 microsecond
  • Inhibit of the IGBT Gate Pulses - Within 20 microsecond
  • Blocking Time : 200 millisecond
  • Auto restarts the IGBT gate pulses after blocking time.
  • If the over current occurs 10 times within a minute the power supply should shut down by giving over current [OC] Trip indication and it can be restarted by pressing the Reset push button switch only
  • If the rate of over current events is less than 10 per minute, then the overcurrent [OC] counter must be reset to zero and restart to count again.
3.2 Short circuit protection

10 consecutive overcurrent [OC] trips may be considered as short circuit and the power supply may be tripped

3.3 Output over voltage

Power supply must trip if output voltage exceeds maximum rated voltage. Indication should be on the front panel.

4 Output load

The final negative pulsed DC output will be connected to a resistive (plasma) load and positive terminal will be connected to ground.

(The power supply must satisfactorily work in this configuration i. e. at plasma load)

5 Front Panel Indications and Controls
5.1 Mains on/off Suitable MCCB must be provided.
5.2 Start/stop Push button switches for power supply start/stop
5.3 Emergency switch To turn off the supply in the event of emergency
5.4 Trip display Indication Lamps (For all different trips)
5.5 Trip reset Push button switch for trip reset
5.6 Output voltage control Linearly variable from 100 to -1000V
5.7 Output peak voltage display Voltage should be displayed on digital panel meter with ± 1V accuracy
5.8 Output peak current display Peak pulsed current should be displayed on digital panel meter with ± 1A accuracy
5.9 Output duty cycle control Linearly variable from 10% to 80% via 10 turn potentiometer
5.10 Output duty cycle display Duty cycle should be displayed on digital panel meter with ± 1% accuracy
5.11 Timer (digital) Set time duration [in HH:MM] [Maximum 99.59] and Remaining time display
5.12 Temperature measurement and display
  • 1. Iron-Constantan (J) type grounded thermocouple will be used for the temperature measurement which will be connected with negative pulsed DC voltage (100 to -1000VDC).

  • 2. Temperature should be measured corresponding to millivolt produced by this “J” type thermocouple floating at negative pulsed DC voltage (0 to -800VDC) and displayed on front panel in Degree Centigrade

  • 3. Error should be less than ± 5°C.
6 Duty of operation Continuous duty (24 x 7 continuous operation)
7 Interlocks
7.1 Timer

Time format should be hh:mm which can be fixed up to 99:59 hours as per process time duration. This timer should display set and remaining time in the same format. Initially both set time and remaining time should be same. Timer should start by pressing the start timer button. On completion of time duration applied voltage should be reduced to 0V.

7.2 Chamber open interlock

An external interlock must be provided for preventing start of pulsed power supply, if the vacuum chamber is open.(A NO/NC change-over contact will be provided by us)

8 Input/output Terminations Input and Output – Screw terminal blocks with proper nomenclature
9 Environmental conditions [Power supply should be capable to work in following environmental conditions]
9.1 Ambient Temperature Up to 50ºC
9.2 Humidity Up to 95% RH